Alvernia University – Criminal Justice Blog

criminal-justice-evidence-300x300We create these blogs for multiple reasons. They’re a place for the school to be generating fresh and relevant news. They’re a place we can utilize specific keywords that we want to reach the top of Google search. They’re a place for members of communities — for example Criminal Justice, Alvernia University, or both — to share interesting news on social channels.

Tales of Justice blog for Alvernia University’s Undergraduate Program in Criminal Justice Administration, include topics relating to news, professional development, career opportunities, course spotlights and more.

Selected posts:

June 30, 2015  –  Advances in criminal justice technology increase accuracy, accountability and efficiency

June 2, 2015  –  Reducing recidivism through education opportunities

May 19, 2015  –  Multicultural issues in Criminal Justice

May 5, 2015  –  Women and the Criminal Justice System

April 7, 2015  –  Legal Career Spotlight: Law Clerk

March 31, 2015  –  What about law school?

March 10, 2015  –  Top Criminal Justice Non-profits

February 10, 2015  –  White House proposed budget highlights Criminal Justice fields