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Specialized Launches 2013 Product Line

For years, Specialized Bicycle Components has been known for developing top of the line bicycle technology, and its 2013 product line falls nothing short of this reputation.

Glenn Derene, Senior Technology Editor at Popular Mechanics Magazine, explains that when people are at the peak of athletic performance, technology is sometimes what makes the difference between an Olympic gold and an honorable mention.

Derene used the S-Works Trivent Shoe as an example of this technology during an Olympics segment on The Today Show. The shoe is pre-locking, optimal for switching from swim to bike in triathlons. It slips right on and the rider then turns a dial to bring the heel into place, cutting huge chunks off of transition time.

NBC Sports featured the S-Works McLaren TT video during the Tour De France time trial broadcast. Specialized worked with McLaren Automotive to produce the aerodynamic time trial helmet. The video shows clips from the wind-tunnel testing lab and S-Works’ collaboration with McLaren in computation fluid dynamics, a process that predicts necessary measurements based on what McLaren already knows about auto racing, Specialized aerodynamicist Mark Cote discusses the incredible savings of energy: from these helmets, ten percent of total power riders expend is being saved.

There has also been a lot of buzz online about more of Specialized’s 2013 line. Bike Rumor discusses new shoes, helmets and other gear. All helmets will have a Trifix strap assembly with a quick and simple fitting mechanism. The new Toupe Pro saddle with Adaptive Edge design has outer edges and corners that flex and bend to the rider’s body.

BikeRadar highlights some of the new features in the 2013 road bikes, including the Roubaix SL4, which comes in three size models, each with its own independently-fitted forks. Specialized’s new Cobl Gobl-R spring-style seatpost on the Roubaix SL4 creates a combination that BikeRadar calls “the most compliant, greatest deflecting, sharpest handling, Roubaix that Specialized have ever built.”

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